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Saturday, April 21, 2007

Green Week - Green Shoes

In an effort to create a more sustainable lifestyle we have traded conventional products for green ones. Food, fuel, cosmetics and hygiene products are among the most popular. But we can do even more, now there's Eco-wear, Eco-decoration, Eco-footwear and Eco-everything! While maybe riding a bicycle to work maybe a bit out of the question for some of you, there are alternatives to keep on the quest of a more planet friendly way of life. You can start taking baby steps toward becoming greener by wearing some Eco-friendly foot wear. Conventional shoes are a great source of waste since they are made from man-made, non-biodegradable materials such as rubber and synthetic fabric. Eco-friendly shoes are made with sustainable and recyclable materials and some companies won't even use leather in their products ( good news for the vegans!). Now, an environmentally conscious shoe doesn't always have to look like a Birkenstock, not that there's anything wrong with them, but I'm aware that some fashionistas at heart hate the look of the friendly Birkenstock (I personally love them). So, here are some companies that make some lovely looking shoes and also like to keep it green.

Terra Plana

Terra Plana Helena Heels 90.00 GBP or $180.00 aprox. Available at www.terraplana.com

Terra Plana Taj Flat 80.00 GBP or $180.00 aprox. Available at www.terraplana.com

Soft Stars Shoes (for the little ones)

Colorful Spring Specials!
Soft Star Shoes $39.99. Available at www.softstarshoes.com


GT Jane

Greentoe GT Jane $85.00 Available at www.birkenstocksd.com


Earth Mirage Boot $119.00. Available at www.birkenstocksd.com

And ofcourse the One and Only...


Birkenstock Madrid Silver $69.00. Available at www.planetshoes.com

Now you can walk happily knowing that your helping the ground below your feet stay forever green. Tomorrow will be the last day of the Green Week and I'm coming up with lots of great GREEN stuff. Stay tuned, you don't want to miss it!


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